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Many returning wounded soldiers and others involved in the rehabilitation process miss a lot of activities they used to do. They must work hard with therapists and doctors to regain the most basic abilities. Inspiration for this hard work comes from many places: family, friends, and individual personal goals.

Some patients who used to ride motorcycles had a very close relationship with riding and find it depressing to think they might never have that experience again. It can be very inspiring for those individuals to find themselves sitting behind motorcycle handlebars with a real throttle, clutch and brake.

Patients start the engine, hear it rev up and drive themselves through a virtual landscape — recalling unused skill sets, exercising cognitive and physical abilities…and just having fun! Others who have never been on a motorcycle can benefit too. They can be learning new skills in a safe virtual environment, in a fun engaging way.                 

A key element is the one-on-one session with a rehab rider coach. The coach helps patients find the best use of the apparatus and engages in conversations on motorcycle riding, safety, and riding stories. Cognitive skills, as well as physical skills are both engaged. Once a patient is used to the operation, he or she can wear headphones for a total immersion experience, although the rehab rider coach is present during all usage. Modifications for amputees and other special needs can be addressed during the initial evaluation.

What is a SMARTrainer?
The SMARTrainer virtual motorcycle apparatus is not an arcade game, but an advanced motorcycle skills trainer made by Honda. Patients ride using real motorcycle controls and can choose a manual or automatic transmission.

The SMARTrainer offers a wide range of courses to ride, some more challenging than others. The rehab rider coach will work with each patient and their therapists to put together an appropriate program.

This system is currently used by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to train riders in the military, and can now have a unique place in recreation therapy programs as well. We offer services on a full-time basis. Staff will schedule visits as often as needed according to patient, doctor, or therapist requests. Group presentations or one-on-one sessions can be scheduled.

Click here for an example of current military use.

A Unique Recreation Therapy
There are currently many recreational programs involving a variety of sports for patients in the recovery process, with some even using Wii gaming technology. But there has never been a motorcycle skills program … until now! Program director Garry Segal’s modifications to the SMARTrainer now allows virtual motorcycling from a hospital bed or wheelchair. The program also provides a printout to track changes in performance, and is designed for follow-up visits so that patients can exercise their motorcycle skills weekly or monthly.

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